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 Living conditions for many women are shockingly hard due to low levels of social and economical life, unemployment, poverty, unavailability of health care services because of their expense, and lack of appropriate policies of enlightenment

Women who work outside their homes can be exposed to violation of their rights, physical violence, psychological and sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Another hazard for women's health are ecological factors such as social stresses, pollution of water, air and soil.


JAGRATI MAHILA EVAM BAL VIKAS SANSTHAN  (JMBVS) aims to improve the social, economic and mental condition of the women at Grass root level. Women don't often find opportunities to develop skills that let them master advanced technologies. Nor do they get many chances to let their voices be heard beyond their communities.

Effective strategies have been considered for giving women greater control over their living and working conditions. Through innovative programs Women are given an opportunity to take an active part in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the society. They are provided equal opportunities with men to participate in decision-making processes in different levels of authority. To improve their living conditions, effective awareness programs which naturally change the state of women, changing the mentality of the society towards them, making women aware of their rights and teaching them to protect them are in process.



To Eradicate Family Disputes among the Families.


1.     To provide preventive & Rehabilitative services to women & children who are victims of atrocities & exploitation. 

2.     To provide counseling services to those who are having marital mal-adjustment and family disputes.

3.     To create awareness about the prevailing laws related to women and children.

4.     To provide referral services like, free legal aid short vocational training and medical treatment.

Counselling Types:-

1.     Pre-Material Counseling.

2.     Martial Counseling.

3.     Post - Martial Counseling.

4.     Family Counseling.

5.     Aged people Counseling.



To provide temporary sanctuary to women and girls who are victims of domestic violence, and gender inequalities.

To help women and girls who are in social and moral danger to rehabilitate themselves within a short period of time.

Short Stay Homes provide a package of services to the inmates, such as: medical care, psychiatric treatment, case work services, occupational therapy, educational-cum-vocational training, recreation facilities and rehabilitation. 

Short Stay Home are for the let downed segments of women such as

1.   Dowry Harassment.

2.   Physical / Psychological Harassment.

3.   Unwedded Mothers

4.   Divorced

5.   Widows

6.   Economically Poor

7.   Martial Mal-Adjustment

8.   Family Disorganization

9.   Court Cases

10.                     Immoral Daughter etc.

JMBVS worked at grassroots level and therefore is able play a more responsible and constructive role in the communities. PASS is closer to ground realities and knows the needs of the communities. The approach with target group is direct, emphatic and therefore able to draw more contexualised plan of action. Pass also manages to develop intimate contacts with the people and develop confidence among them.

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